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Thoughts from Emmanuel's Minister, Revd. Robert Hurley

Hope in a hope-less world!

What does it mean to have hope?

As you read this piece, I hope that the world may seem a different place from what it is like as I write this article! As I sit here, the country is still bewildered about its future – a minority government voted in and trying to rally support from even smaller political parties; people in our society are still reeling from the terrible atrocities in Manchester and London for which we have little in the way of explanation or understanding; the Brexit talks are soon to get underway and what the result of those will be is anyone’s guess at this time. All in all, the world seems to be in a ‘hope-less’ state.

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Christian Tolerance

I’m sure that very few of us go through life without joining some kind of club or group. Some people take great pride in their membership of a whole range of different groups, from the local neighbourhood watch to an international charity. For some people, the more select a club or group is, the better they feel, as they believe that membership of such a club gives them a particular status in their society or group of friends and acquaintances.

The actor, Victor Mature, renowned for taking on acting roles that quite often saw him portrayed as a rather leaden romantic actor, applied for membership of one of the most prestigious clubs in America – the Los Angeles Country Club. His membership was turned down with the comment, ‘we do not accept actors’. Victor was quick to reply, ‘I’m no actor, and I have a string of 64 films to prove it!!’. He may have been right, but he still didn’t get in!

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