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Easter has arrived!

Well, Easter is here! After the 40 days of Lent, so we have arrived at the great occasion itself. If you ask most people which Christian festival they can most identify with, I’m sure that the majority of them would say, ‘Christmas’. I suppose that with all the hype that Christmas brings with it, it’s not surprising that so many refer to this as being of most interest to them, most enjoyable for them and having the most relevance to them. I suppose there is some truth in this. But for the Christian, many would say that the Easter story has more influence on their journey with Christ.

On the face of it, Christmas is a happy time. After all, we are celebrating a birth, always a significant event for any family. But at Easter, we are faced with a very different experience – an end of life situation – not always something we would ever relish.

Lent prepares us for what Easter brings. We think about what we can give up. Maybe we turn things around and decide to try something new. But as we make the journey to the cross of Calvary, so we come to realise that just as Christmas seemed like the beginning, Good Friday was the end of all that Christ had come to do. But we forget that Good Friday, the cross and all that goes with it, was anything but the end. It was a necessary stepping-stone in Christ’s relationship with the world. Jesus had to go through the Easter events in order to allow God to achieve all that he had planned for the world.Christ made the sacrifice by giving himself on the cross so that all the sins of the people could be atoned for. It was the fulfilment of the teachings of the scriptures, that Jesus achieved. The people wanted and waited for a Messiah as they had been promised. They had hoped that Jesus was the one, but those last days in Jerusalem had turned them against him. Even his disciples became unsure and finally, at the end, deserted him. Such were the feelings of the people that they actually bayed for his death. The cross loomed before Christ and he willingly went to it!!

But this was just a stepping-stone, because after Good Friday came Easter Sunday – the day of Christ’s resurrection. The women were the first to find that the tomb was empty. Quickly afterwards, the disciples themselves shared the good news they had experienced when they too saw that the body of Christ was gone. In no time at all, the news spread. The people woke up to the realisation that all that Christ had said would happen had really happened. There was a sense that at last, God’s promises had been fulfilled and that the Messiah had come and that from that moment on, things were going to be very different in the world. And so, the story continues up to today when we can also celebrate that the Risen Christ is with us and part of us. We too can look on the empty tomb and realise that what was foretold has happened and that the we walk this journey of life with Christ as our companion.

Easter has arrived! Hallelujah!

Prepare for it. Share in it. Live it in your life. Allow the Risen Christ to go with you into pastures new. Let him walk the path alongside you and give you all his peace.

Happy and Blessed Easter Greetings to you all.

Rev Robert.

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Easter is coming!


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Thursday, 05 December 2019

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