How’s Lent going for you? We’re quite a way into the 40 days of Lent as we enter the month of March and the countdown had started to the great Christian festival of Easter. When Lent started did you make any decisions on what perhaps you might like to ‘give up’; biscuits, chocolate or the like. Or maybe you decided to take up something new or doing something a little bit different. Whatever your choice, how are you getting on? Successfully or perhaps could do better!!

When it comes to our Christian journey, we come across many times when we are going great guns, and everything seems to be all steam ahead. But there are other times when we stumble, fall over, even find ourselves going backwards! This is all part of the relationship we can have with Christ. And the most important thing is knowing that whatever the situation we face in life, Christ is there with us. This is what Easter has given us. A Saviour who was human and lived his life just like you and me; but where He was special was that He was willing to fulfil His Father’s plan and become the one who was to die to take away the sins of the world. What was even a greater act, was the way in which He was raised back to life – overcoming even death itself. This is what we are preparing for during this time of Lent. To ready ourselves for the risen Christ to become part of our lives.

Having Christ as part of your life means so many different things to so many different people. You only have to read the stories in the Bible to see that Jesus came to people in different ways and the results were different in every case. For the Apostle Paul, the relationship with Christ came as a blinding flash of light and his life was changed. The Ethiopian official who met Stephen on the side of the road came to Christ through conversation. Zacchaeus the tax collector had his life turned upside down by Jesus sharing a meal with him. For everyone, Christ offers a relationship with him that is unique, special and everlasting.

So, as we continue through Lent, perhaps the time is right for us to reflect on what we want our relationship with Christ to be and how we can allow Him to come and share our lives. Easter is coming – let us use this Lenten time to make sure that we’re prepared and ready to meet with the resurrected Christ afresh this year.

Every blessing,