Easter is over and the unsold chocolate eggs have been packed away for yet another year. The hot-cross buns are now just part of the usual confectionary lines sold in the supermarket bakeries rather than taking pride of place in the wire baskets at the entrance doors. Spring has sprung and hopefully, better weather is now on the horizon as the gardens begin to burst into life and the newly-born lambs in the fields begin to grow. We are into the month of May – a month when new things take form in the world and also a month when some big things happen in the life of the church!First, along comes Ascension Day. Not a day that is usually marked by any great announcement or celebration. But this is the day when the Risen Christ ascends back to his heavenly home. It marked the beginning of a new relationship with the world. No longer was Christ appearing to people as he had done after the resurrection. Now, the relationship with Christ would be based on faith – faith in an unseen Christ – a faith deepened by that personal relationship Christ offers to each one of us.

Secondly, we have Pentecost – some say the Birthday of the Church – that moment when Christ’s promise to the disciples would be fulfilled. They were given the Holy Spirit and their lives, and the life of the world, was changed from that point on. The church of Christ was born and over the years has developed into what we are today. Pentecost was all about the movement of the Spirit and it’s that self-same sense of moving forward that we need to recapture in our church and Christian lives. We must grasp the idea that with God, everything is possible and that we must look for the possibilities to share the Kingdom Stories of Christ in our lives with others, just as Peter shared the words given to him by God on that day in Jerusalem – a message given in languages that all could understand.

And finally, we reach the day on which all preachers try to plan to be elsewhere (!!) – Trinity Sunday – explaining the idea of God in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – all existing in one place at one time. Not easy to explain, even harder sometimes to understand. So much so, that we just have to hold up our hands and acknowledge that in our Christian journey, we come across things that require just pure faith on our part. Not everything about God can be or should be explained. There is always that little something for which there can be no explanation or definition. That is God!!

So, although Easter is over, don’t forget that our journey with the Risen Christ continues each and every day because there is always something new to discover about our God who, in his infinite wisdom, sent his Son to die to take away the sins of the world, only to enable Him to be raised back on the third day not only to prove the scriptures, but also to show that even death itself can be overcome.

As we travel through this ‘merry month of May’ let’s not lose sight that the Easter story continues and is part of who we are, what we are and what we can be if we just place our trust in God who really is Father, Son and Holy Ghost – three in one.

Have a great May-time.

Every blessing,